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Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers

Transform your IT with fresh and innovative Rack Server Models

Dell EMC rack servers storage solutions offer flexible designs guaranteed to enhance present and future applications. Choose the size you need for your business environment.

Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers
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Explore PowerEdge Rack Server Solutions

One Socket

PowerEdge R7415 Rack Server

One socket Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack servers deliver steady performance and the storage capacity to handle future growth.


PowerEdge R230

PowerEdge R330

PowerEdge R6415

PowerEdge R7415

Two Socket

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd2 Server

Two socket Dell EMC Rack servers offer a variety of attributes to achieve high performance and the scalability to adapt nearly any workload.


PowerEdge R430

PowerEdge R440

PowerEdge R530

PowerEdge R540

PowerEdge R630

PowerEdge R640

PowerEdge R730

PowerEdge R730xd

PowerEdge R740

PowerEdge R740xd

PowerEdge R740xd2

PowerEdge R7425

Four Socket

Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 server

Four socket Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack servers offer the best performance and scalability for your applications like in-database workloads, HPC to data analytics, and AI and GPU database acceleration.


PowerEdge R830

PowerEdge R930

PowerEdge R940