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Dell EMC XtremIO X2 Storage

The XtremIO X2 Storage Array is an all-flash system, based on flexible scaling options. The system uses building blocks called X-Bricks, which can be clustered together to grow performance or capacity, or both, as required. System operation is controlled via a stand-alone dedicated Linux-based server called the XtremIO Management Server (XMS). An XMS host, which can be either a physical or a virtual server, can manage multiple XtremIO clusters. An array continues operating if it is disconnected from the XMS, but cannot be configured or monitored. XtremIO architecture is based on a metadata-centric, content-aware system. The metadata-centric model helps to streamline data operations efficiently without requiring any movement of data. The system is content-aware where the data is laid out uniformly across all SSDs using the unique fingerprint of the incoming data.

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XtremIO X2 Specifications

XtremIO X2 Specs

  • Intel® Xeon® Processors
  • Native asynchronous replication delivers hundreds of point in time recovery’s & RPOs of 30 seconds
  • Minimum Raw Capacity: 7.2 TB
  • Larger 3.84TB SSD drive X-Bricks
  • Reduces capacity needs and TCO with truly inline, all-the-time data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning

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