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Dell EMC Isilon F800
All-Flash Storage

Scale-Out NAS

Accelerate your most demanding file workloads with the extreme performance and massive scalability of Dell EMC Isilon F800 all-flash scale-out NAS storage. Get up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/s bandwidth per chassis. With a choice of SSD drive capacities, all-flash storage ranges from 96 TB to 924 TB per chassis. Isilon F800 is ideal for your most demanding high-performance computing (HPC), media and entertainment 4K streaming, and interactive analytics workloads.

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Isilon F800 Specifications

Isilon F800 Specs

  • 4 x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2697A v4
  • Stores 96 TB to 924 TB capacity per chassis
  • Supports up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/s bandwidth per chassis
  • Provides 60 SSDs per chassis

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