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IBM Cloud Object Storage

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  • Flexible storage class tiers: Effectively manage costs while meeting data access needs. Cloud Object Storage offers storage class tiers for active, cool, cold, and dynamic data.
  • Low-cost archive: Designed for long-term retention of rarely accessed data. Priced at USD 0.002 per GB per month. Set policies to move data from storage classes to the archive.
  • Resiliency options: Select the right resiliency option for the data location, availability, and performance you need. Choose “Cross Region,” “Regional” or “Single Data Center.”

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What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

Cloud Object Storage makes it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data, simply and cost-effectively. It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics. Flexible storage class tiers with a policy-based archive let you effectively manage costs while meeting data access needs. The integrated Aspera high-speed data transfer option makes it easy to transfer data to and from Cloud Object Storage, and query-in-place functionality, allows you to run analytics directly on your data.

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