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IBM TS1150 Tape Drive

The IBM TS1150 tape drive gives organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention—and for less expense than disk solutions. TS1150 offers high-performance, flexible data storage with support for data encryption. This fifth-generation drive can help protect investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation. Plus, an upgrade model is available for existing IBM TS1140 tape drives. What’s more, TS1150 supports the LTFS format in IBM Spectrum Archive for direct, intuitive and graphical access to data.

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TS1150 Tape Drive Specifications

TS1150 Tape Drive Specs

  • Up to 10 TB native capacity on an IBM 3592 JD/JZ cartridge
  • 95 mm H x 198 mm W x 467 mm D (3.8 in. H x 7.8 in. W x 18.4 in. D)
  • 12 speeds, from 112 MBps to 365 MBps, for 3592 JD/JL/JZ cartridges initialized in Gen 5 format
  • 12.4 m/s end-end search rate

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