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IBM TS4500 Tape Library

IBM® TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help midsized and large enterprises respond to cloud storage challenges. These challenges include high data volume growth in cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, increasing cost of storage footprints, the difficulty of migrating data across vendor platforms, and the increased complexity of IT training and management as staff resources shrink.

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TS4500 Tape Library Specifications

TS4500 Tape Library Specs

  • Store up to 8.76 PB of data in a single 10 square-foot library using LTO 8 cartridges or 8.25 PB with 3592 cartridges.
  • TS1155, TS1150, and TS1140 (3592), LTO Ultrium 8, 7, 6 and 5 tape drives
  • Up to 16 per frame (up to 12 in frame 1) Up to 128 per library
  • Number of frames per library: One base frame, up to 17 expansion frames with maximum of 7 Dx5 frames