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IBM TS7760 Virtual Tape Library

IBM® TS7760 is a mainframe virtual tape solution that optimizes data protection and business continuance for IBM Z® data. Through the use of virtualization and disk cache, TS7760 operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its grid communication facility provides access to any host for all the data in the grid, supporting superior business continuance. Its fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive data.

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TS7760 Virtual Tape Library Specifications

TS7760 Specs

  • Width 635 mm (25 in.), Depth 1409.7 mm (55.5 in.), Height 1930.4 mm (76 in.), Weight 794 kg (1750 lb.)
  • More than 13 PB capacity after compression (depending on data compressibility characteristics)
  • Attach up to 128 IBM TS1100 tape drives in an 8-way grid configuration
  • Up to 64 FICON channels based on 8-cluster grid configurations