Dell EMC PowerEdge FX Series Servers

Build the infrastructure your workloads need with customizable PowerEdge FX modular servers.

The PowerEdge FX architecture allows you to add resources incrementally and scale workloads quickly. These 1U server nodes are available in quarter-width, half-width, and full-width models. The modular infrastructure gives you the efficiency of blade servers for the cost of rack servers.

Dell EMC PowerEdge FX
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Explore PowerEdge FX Series Server Nodes

You can run multiple applications on this quarter-width, two-socket, high-density server. Eight of these FC430s fit in one FX chassis.

This half-width server node is ready to take on your data-heavy workloads. Dell FX architecture gives you flexible storage density and a performance boost.

The full-width FC830 is reliable and powerful with up to four Intel Xeon processors. It has a highly expandable storage subsystem.

Great for enterprise resource planning (ERP), this half-width FX series node delivers best-in-class density. It is powerful, has a large memory capacity and is highly scalable.