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Dell EMC PowerEdge FD332 Server

The PowerEdge FD332’s flexibility and scalability enable it to span customer environments from traditional IT to cutting-edge service providers. The FD332 is an excellent option for enabling dense virtual SAN clusters by combining compute and storage blocks. It can also help consolidate applications like Hadoop that require high-performance, low-cost scale-out storage. It’s also ideal for database-driven centralized software that needs scale-up and scale-out capability. The FX architecture brings greater flexibility and density to data center infrastructures with relatively “bite-sized” blocks that enable you to add resources incrementally and tailor an infrastructure optimized for specific workloads.

PowerEdge FD332 Specifications

PowerEdge FD332 Specs

  • The FX compute sleds, powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Dimensions—H: 40.15 mm (1.58 in), W: 211.9 mm (8.32 in), D: 518.8 mm (20.43 in)
  • Dell PowerEdge FX2 Enclosure