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Dell EMC PowerScale and Isilon Storage Nodes
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What is PowerScale?

The PowerScale family includes Dell EMC PowerScale platforms and the Dell EMC Isilon platforms configured with the PowerScale OneFS operating system. Businesses can create a flexible cluster with a mix of PowerScale and Isilon, including a mix of hybrid, all-flash, and archive. This allows corporations to store a large amount of unstructured data within a cluster.

PowerScale & Isilon Storage Models

The industry’s #1 family of scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) systems, Dell EMC Isilon Storage is made for rigorous enterprise unstructured workloads. You can choose between all-flash, hybrid, and archive NAS platforms.

All-Flash Storage Options


Speed up access to massive amounts of data with PowerScale F200, F600 and F900.


The Isilon F800 and F810 provide the performance you need for your most demanding workloads. They scale easily and keeps management simple.

Hybrid Storage Options

Isilon H600 Hybrid

The Isilon Hybrid Scale-out NAS products will save you rack space and can handle your enterprise file workloads.

Archive Storage Options

Isilon F810 All-Flash Storage

Protect your aging data assets at an affordable price. Find the ideal solution for your active or deep archive storage.

Software-defined storage (SDS) allows organizations to add capacity a few nodes at a time.