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Dell EMC PowerScale F200
All-Flash Storage

The Next Evolution of OneFS

You can seamlessly add the PowerScale F200 to your current stock of Isilon storage nodes. It works in the cloud or in a datacenter, and is well suited for remote offices, small hospitals or enterprise edge locations. A 1U node, the F200 delivers up to 3.8PB of raw capacity in a single cluster.

PowerScale F200 Specifications

PowerScale F200 Specs

  • 3.84TB to 15.36TB raw node capacity
  • 4 x 2.5" SSD drives per node
  • Single socket Intel Processor
  • 48GB or 96GB ECC memory (per node)
  • 3 to 252 nodes
  • 11.4TB to 3.8PB raw cluster capacity