PowerScale F900 Quick Details

  • 24 NVMe SSDs per node
  • Stores 46 TB to 720 TB capacity per node and up to 186 PB of raw capacity per cluster
  • Includes support for QLC drives
  • In-line compression
  • Deduplication
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Dell EMC PowerScale F900
All-Flash Storage

Solutions For Your Demanding Workloads

Storage that is Substantial, Fast and Simple to Manage

Ideal for artificial intelligence, machine learning, HPC workloads, and algorithmic trading, the F900 can also handle massive graphic files. The PowerScale F900 features dual-socket cascade lake processors, all-NVMe flash and NVIDIA GPUDirect compatibility.

Isilon Compatibility: Because the F900 uses the PowerScale OneFS operating system, it has seamless compatibility with your existing Isilon clusters.

All-Flash Storage Comparison
F200, F600, F800, F810, F900

Model SSD Options Raw Node Capacity SSD Drives per Node ECC Memory (per node)
F200960 GB - 7.68 TB3.84 TB - 30.72 TB448 GB or 96 GB
F6001.92 TB - 30.7 TB15.36 TB - 245 TB8 NVMe128, 192, 384 or 736 GB
F9001.92 TB - 30.7 TB46 TB - 736.8 TB24 NVMe736 GB
Model SSD Options Raw Chassis Capacity SSD Drives per Chassis ECC Memory (per node)
F8001.6 TB - 15.36 TB96 TB - 924 TB60256 GB
F8103.84 TB - 15.36 TB230 TB - 924 TB60256 GB

PowerScale F900 Specifications

F900 Dimensions

  • Height: 86.8mm (3.42”)
  • Width: 434mm (17.08")
  • Depth: 737.5mm (29.04”) (end of the power supply latches)

PowerScale F900 Capacity Chart

Drive Options Raw Node Capacity
1.92 TB SSD46 TB
3.84 TB SSD92 TB
7.68 TB SSD184 TB
15.36 TB SSD (TLC, QLC)368 TB
30.7 TB SSD (QLC)736.8 TB