T Models are Designed to give you a Cluster Solution 

If clustering (think federation) is what you want to do, you will want to get PowerStore T models, like the 5000T. You'll get improved management and monitoring with clustering, as well as the ability to move data between appliances within a single cluster.

If you are looking to run a virtual machine, then look at the PowerStore X models.  These models are designed with an Active - Active architecture, giving both nodes access to all the drives and storage resources.

The 5000T and 5000X models differ from the 1000 and 3000 by having all four NVRAM drive slots filled and memory goes up to 1,152GB. Mix models if you like when creating clusters and choose to match your 5000 with models above and/or below it.


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Dell EMC PowerStore 5000T/5000X

All NVMe Base Enclosure

PowerStore 5000T/5000X Quick Details

  • 4 NVRAM per appliance
  • 21 2.5" drives
  • 2 max Mezzanine cards per appliance
  • 4 max IO modules per appliance
  • 24 max front end ports per appliance
  • Power consumption of 1792.9 VA (1757.96 W) operating at maximum

PowerStore Model Comparison
1000T/X, 3000T/X, 5000T/X, 7000T/X, 9000T/X

Models Intel CPU Memory NVRAM Drives
PowerStore 1000T/X4x 8core@ 1.8GHz384GB2
PowerStore 3000T/X4x 12core@ 2.1GHz768GB2
PowerStore 5000T/X4x 16core @ 2.1GHz1,152GB4
PowerStore 7000T/X4x 20core@ 2.4GHz1,536GB4
PowerStore 9000T/X4x 28core@ 2.1GHz2,560GB4

PowerStore 5000T/5000X Specifications

5000T/5000X Dimensions

  • Height: 8.72cm (4.3”)
  • Width: 44.72cm (17.61")
  • Depth: 79.55cm (31.32”)