From 6 to Up To 21 NVMe SCM or SSD Drives

Choose SSD for your base enclosure and you can attach expansion enclosures with SAS SSD drives. If you prefer, your 7000 can have the high performance NVMe SCM drives but just be aware that you cannot mix these with SSD drives and cannot attach expansion enclosures. However, you can cluster with other PowerStore models with SCM drives to create a powerful system.

The 7000T model has dual-socket Intel Xeon architecture and comes with PowerStoreOS installed. For the 7000X, PowerStoreOS runs in a virtual machine.

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Dell EMC PowerStore 7000T/7000X

2 I/O Module Slots For Added Connectivity

PowerStore 7000T/7000X Quick Details

  • 4 NVRAM per appliance
  • 21 2.5" drives
  • 2 max Mezzanine cards per appliance
  • 4 max IO modules per appliance
  • 24 max front end ports per appliance
  • Power consumption of 1868.4 VA (1831 W) operating at maximum

PowerStore Model Comparison
1000T/X, 3000T/X, 5000T/X, 7000T/X, 9000T/X

Models Intel CPU Memory NVRAM Drives
PowerStore 1000T/X4x 8core@ 1.8GHz384GB2
PowerStore 3000T/X4x 12core@ 2.1GHz768GB2
PowerStore 5000T/X4x 16core @ 2.1GHz1,152GB4
PowerStore 7000T/X4x 20core@ 2.4GHz1,536GB4
PowerStore 9000T/X4x 28core@ 2.1GHz2,560GB4

PowerStore 7000T/7000X Specifications

7000T/7000X Dimensions

  • Height: 8.72cm (4.3”)
  • Width: 44.72cm (17.61")
  • Depth: 79.55cm (31.32”)