Dell EMC Storage—
Unity XT Solutions

Delivers Unified Storage Speed and Efficiency in All-Flash and Hybrid Options.

Unity XT features up to 2X more IOPS, more memory, and up to 50% more drives than previous Dell EMC Unity models. Both the all-flash and hybrid storage options come with dual-active controller architecture and enterprise-class features. They are optimized for efficiency with up to 5:1 data reduction.

Unity XT storage devices
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Dell EMC Unity XT Models

This modernized midrange storage family gives you exceptional storage lifecycle simplicity.

All-Flash EMC Storage System

Dell EMC Unity XT front view

The latest generation of flash drives are paired with dual-socket Intel processors and lots of memory, allowing for 2 times the performance and 75% less latency compare with previous generations.

Hybrid EMC Storage System

Dell EMC Unity XT

Scalability is a breeze with on-line, data-place controller upgrades. Other upgrades include the quota support, file system shrink and multi-tenancy support, along with a 256TB maximum file system size.

EMC Unity XT Storage System Comparison Chart

If you are still deciding between flash and hybrid, keep in mind that Unity XT all flash models support flash drives, while Unity XT hybrid models support flash, SAS, and NL-SAS drives. All drives operate at 12Gb/s speeds. SAS and NL-SAS drives utilize a 4KB drive formatting size, while flash drives utilize a 520 byte block size.

Models Processor Memory Max Drives Max Raw Capacity
Unity XT 380/380FIntel E5-2603 V46c/1.7GHz64 GB/SP5002.4PB
Unity XT 480/480F(2) Intel Xeon Silver 41088c/1.8GHz96 GB/SP7504.0PB
Unity XT 680/680F(2) Intel Xeon Silver 411612c/2.1GHz192 GB/SP1,0008.0PB
Unity XT 880/880F(2) Intel Xeon Gold 613016c/2.1GHz384 GB/SP1,50016.0PB

Top Five Features Of The Unity XT Storage System

  1. Simple to Manage
    The Unity XT storage system is a breeze to both set up and manage. Dell keeps things simple with one interface for managing all your storage resources.
  2. More for your Money
    Unity XT storage was designed with the latest processors and flash drives, making it a cost-efficient system.
  3. Shrinking Footprint
    Inline compression, deduplication, zero detect and high-density flash drives save you rack unit and floor space. And, power costs you less per gigabyte of storage.
  4. Integrated Data Protection
    The EMC Unity XT storage system comes with a comprehensive range of protection features at no extra charge, including unified block and file snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous remote replication for block and file, as well as integrated management and scheduling.
  5. More File Scalability
    With a 64-bit file system and transactional NAS (naz) capabilities, Unity XT is hyper flexible when it comes to deploying applications. Features include quota support, file system shrink and multi-tenancy support, along with a 256-terabyte maximum file system size.