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Dell EMC Unity XT 480F
All-Flash Storage

High Performance for Mid-Range Workloads

The 480F features 192GB of system memory and up to 1.39 TBs of total cache. With dual-active controller architecture and enterprise-class features, the Unity XT 480F gives you performance and efficiency.

While the 380F includes 2 x Intel CPU, the 480F jumps up to 2 x dual-socket Intel CPU. The entire XT family of products is built to simplify your multi-cloud journey and unlock the full potential of your data.


When to choose Unity XT 480F storage

While you are not yet at the enterprise level, you require lots of memory and drives, and need fast access to your data.

Unity XT 480F Specifications

Unity XT 480F Specs

  • Delivers up to 4PB max raw capacity
  • Includes inline unified data reduction
  • Scales from 6 to 750 drives
  • Unified block, file, and VMware VVols support
  • Automated tiering and flash caching
  • 1,500 max file systems per array
  • Up to 1.2TBs FAST cache per array

EMC XT 480F Dimensions

  • Height: 3.43 inches
  • Width: 17.61 inches
  • Depth: 31.32 inches