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Dell EMC Unity XT 680F
All-Flash Storage

Reduces your Storage Footprint and Lowers TCO

Support for file and block, point-in-time snapshots, and local and remote data replication, come standard with Dell EMC Unity XT 680F. It features 2 x dual-socket Intel CPUs/2.1GHz with 48 cores per array.

The Unity XT 680F comes with 384GB of system memory and up to 3.2TB FAST cache per array. Plus, enjoy the benefits of all-flash and take advantage of solid-state memory technology.

Unity XT 680F Specifications

Unity XT 680F Specs

  • Delivers up to 8PB max raw capacity
  • Includes inline unified data reduction
  • Scales from 6 to 1,000 drives
  • Unified block, file, and VMware VVols support
  • Automated tiering and flash caching