The Mojo Difference

Mojo Systems

If you were to ask us what makes Mojo Systems different from the competition, you’d find we can’t get the words out fast enough and our passion about the way we do business comes through in everything we do. So why should you look to Mojo Systems for hardware solutions?

Warp Speed

It starts the moment you contact us. We’re not just talking about how fast we jump on a chat, grab a call or reply to an email, but also how quickly we send you a quote. You won’t be waiting for us to get back to you as we nearly always get quotes out the same day. With more complex requests, we can usually get them out the next day.

Customer Specialist + Engineers = Knowledge²

We work together to get it done. If you are on a call with our sales team and you aren’t sure how much memory to get or how to connect a product to your network, no worries. Often on that same call, we can get you answers. Whenever possible our sales rep will bring in an engineer on the call (or add him or her to the email or chat). After discussing your business environment and what you are trying to do, our engineer will go over some solutions with you, and we can get you quotes on all those options.

If you have questions after you receive your product, call your sales rep and if needed, he or she will again grab an engineer and get you answers—no waiting, no transferring you from department to department, no submitting tickets for support, and no scheduling a call a couple days later.


We find solutions to your trickiest problems. Can’t isn’t a word we like to use—so instead of telling you it can’t be done we always try to find a way to solve the problem. Need a part later that same day? We’ve made it happen. Need a server by Monday and it’s Friday at 4 pm? We’ve made that happen too. Our customers matter so much to us that we will do whatever we can to help them when they are in a bind. Where does this agility come from? We’ve established excellent relationships with the manufacturers and built a lot of trust, so often we can do what might seem impossible.

No Red Tape!

Red tape and layers of bureaucracy are so annoying! We’ve never liked them, so from the very beginning, we made sure we wouldn’t have it—there are no hoops to jump through or complicated processes. We’d rather use our flexibility to respond quickly, think outside the box and take care of our customers.

So, what does that mean in the real world? It means that you can reach the people you need to, get your questions answered quickly, and your problems solved smoothly. It also means that you won’t get stuck waiting for multiple levels of approvals or blocked by policies that prevent us from helping you.

In Your Corner

It’s true—we think of ourselves as part of your team and are looking out for your best interests. We don’t play favorites with manufacturers or product lines because we’re about building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We will put together the right system and components that fit your needs and budget.

Maybe you need help choosing storage devices and aren’t sure which features you need and which you don’t. We’ll walk you through it, and maybe prevent you from blowing your budget on features you don’t need. Maybe you need help building a complex system and don’t know where to start. No problem—we’ve got your back. Whatever your hardware needs, you can count on us.