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IBM Spectrum
Storage Solutions

Manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a suite of software-defined storage solutions at a predictable, cost-per-terabyte price.



Explore the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

spectrum control

IBM Spectrum Control provides monitoring, automation, and analytics for multiple-vendor storage environments.

spectrum virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize enables businesses to store, manage, protect, and use their data with higher flexibility at a lower cost.

spectrum accelerate

IBM Spectrum Accelerate is a software-defined block storage solution designed for rapid and flexible deployment across heterogeneous infrastructure on and off premises.

spectrum protect

IBM Spectrum Protect provides scalable data protection for physical file servers, applications, and virtual environments.

spectrum archive

IBM Spectrum Archive gives you direct, intuitive, and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries.

spectrum scale

IBM Spectrum Scale manages data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform archive and analytics in place.

spectrum cloud object

Cloud Object Storage makes it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data, simply and cost-effectively.

spectrum protect plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a data recovery and re-use solution for virtual environments and databases that can be deployed in minutes and protect your environment within an hour.