Dell PowerEdge Servers

Powerful, efficient, and versatile, Dell PowerEdge servers are designed to grow with your organization.

Achieve the best performance, security, and cost advantages of a hybrid infrastructure with the industry’s #1 servers. Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers have 40% less unplanned downtime and up to 30% fewer application errors than comparable servers.

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Ensure a secure, worry-free environment with intuitive tools that simplify and automate management with Dell PowerEdge rack servers. Rack servers are available in one-, two- or four-socket options, offering choices for businesses of all sizes.

PowerEdge R7415 Rack Server

Powerful, efficient, and versatile, Dell PowerEdge tower servers are designed to grow with your organization. Choose from entry-level models or more advanced ones (the T440 and T640).

PowerEdge T640 Tower Server

Build the infrastructure your workloads need with customizable PowerEdge FX modular infrastructure servers.

Dell EMC PowerEdge M Series blade servers deliver leading enterprise-class features and functionality.

PowerEdge M630

PowerEdge M640

PowerEdge M830

Dell EMC C servers focus on solving hyper-scale data center challenges with extensively proven performance and efficiency.

How To Know Which Dell PowerEdge Server Is Right For You

While all can be excellent choices, they do work best for different data storage solutions.

Why choose rack servers? This is the choice that works best for most businesses. If you have several employees, anticipate your business growing even more and have the space to set up a rack, then PowerEdge rack servers will work well for you.

Why choose tower servers? If you have just a few employees and do not anticipate that changing, and/or if you have limited space for a server, then a PowerEdge tower server is a good choice for you. An example might be a dentist office or law office where you wish to just put the server on or under a desk. This is also a great choice for a business that owns several franchises and needs to set up one tower in each in limited space.

Why choose blade servers? If you need several servers at a single location but do not have the space for a rack, then consider PowerEdge blade servers. However, if you only need a few servers, then the initial chassis cost may not make this a good option for you.

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The Dell PowerEdge Server Models—What do those numbers mean?

In 2007, Dell started using the model numbering system we have today. In the three number system, the first number refers to the CPU quantity with 1-3 indicating 1 CPU and 4-7 indicating 2 CPUs. The number 8 in the first slot can indicate either 2 or 4 CPUs and 9 means there are 4 CPUs. The second number represents the generation with 0 standing for 10, 1 for 11, and so on. The third number is for the make of the CPU with Intel represented by 0 and AMD by 5.