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IBM Storwize V5030 Storage

IBM Storwize V5030 control enclosure models offer the highest levels of performance, scalability, and functionality with: Two 6-core processors and up to 64 GB of cache, support for up to 760 drives per system with the attachment of Storwize V5000 expansion enclosures and up to 1,520 drives with a two- way clustered configuration, external virtualization to consolidate and provide Storwize V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures, Real-time Compression for improved storage efficiency (requires feature #ACHD), and encryption of data at rest stored within the Storwize V5000 system and externally virtualized storage systems.

Storwize V5030 Specifications

Storwize V5030 Specs

  • Easy Tier, Compression, FlashCopy, Remote mirroring, Encryption, External virtualization
  • 8.7 cm (3.4 in.) H x 48.3 cm (19.0 in.) W x 55.6 cm (21.9 in.) D
  • Connectivity: 10 Gb iSCSI, 1 Gb iSCSI
  • 16 Gb Fibre Channel, 12 Gb SAS, 25 Gbps iSCSI, 10 Gb iSCSI/Fibre Channel over, Ethernet (FCoE), 1 Gb iSCS