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Dell EMC
PowerStore Storage Devices

Designed for your cloud-mobile IT infrastructure

PowerStore devices incorporate VMware’s ESXi hypervisor to provide flexibility and enable virtualized hosting of user applications directly on the appliance. It seamlessly integrates into your IT management environment and VMware ecosystem.

Dell EMC PowerStore Family
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Dell EMC Introduces PowerStore—A New Storage Option

Why Choose PowerStore?


  1. FASTER!
    These arrays use only NVMe memory, allowing you to get to your data without delay.
  2. Compression/Deduplication Guarantee
    It can store 100GB of data in 25GB space and Dell includes a 4:1 Data Reduction guarantee.
  3. AppsOn
    Enjoy a local on-array application environment and integration with the vSphere management environment.
  4. Future Proof
    Dell EMC offers Anytime Upgrades that it says "provides data-in-place upgrades within the same generation or next-generation of appliances, or scale-out of their existing environment with a second system equal to their current model."
  5. Scale Up and Scale Out
    PowerStore uses clustering technology to scale system processing power up to four appliances, and scales individual drives for flexible capacity growth and resource balancing.

Expert Advice

Contact Mojo Systems to discuss the new PowerStore storage options—the 1000, 3000, 5000, 7000, and 9000—and what will suit your work environment the best. See our model comparison chart.

Start a chat with us, call us at 1-866-230-MOJO or fill out the form below. We'll get started on a custom configuration for you of a new PowerStore storage device.

Dell EMC PowerStore Models

T Model

The PowerStore T model is a container-based storage system that runs on purpose-built hardware.

X Model

Dell's X Model is a container-based storage system that runs inside a virtual machine deployed on a VMware hypervisor.

Models Intel CPU Memory NVRAM Drives
PowerStore 1000T/X4x 8core@ 1.8GHz384GB2
PowerStore 3000T/X4x 12core@ 2.1GHz768GB2
PowerStore 5000T/X4x 16core @ 2.1GHz1,152GB4
PowerStore 7000T/X4x 20core@ 2.4GHz1,536GB4
PowerStore 9000T/X4x 28core@ 2.1GHz2,560GB4

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